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Have the perfect song, but it's not the right length? Don't fade or cut the end, shorten your audio by splicing together start and end!

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The demo song, Brake Dance by Alex, is licensed under CC BY 3.0.


Say you are making a video and have 3 minutes of footage but the song you want to use is 5 minutes long. You could cut the song at 3 minutes, but then it just ends. You could fade out the end, but it might be just after the beat drops. How anticlimactic... You could stich together the start and end of the song, which sounds more natural, but is tedious.

What does this do?

The song is analyzed to find two similar parts (like a repeating chorus), remove everything in between, and stitch together the two pieces. Done manually this is tedious since you need to listen to the entire thing and then match up the pieces, but snipsnip automates exactly that! Just upload an audio file and pick from potential matches.

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